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Helia Environmental LLC provides management planning, biological inventory, forestry, videography, photography, mapping, facilitation, and project management services.

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Management planning

We develop comprehensive management plans for a wide variety of lands. Each tract of land can have different components to a plan depending on need, size, and other factors. We provide forest management plans for the present-use value (PUV) program, forest stewardship plans, Wildlife Conservation Land Program (WCLP) plans, and management plans for conservation areas.

biological surveys

We survey lands throughout the mountains and Piedmont of North Carolina and adjacent Southeastern states to conduct biological surveys. Botanical surveys can include rare plant searches, species inventories, natural community mapping and analysis, old growth mapping, and more. Wildlife surveys can include inventories, wildlife camera traps, rare species searches, and habitat analysis.


We provide a full suite of forestry services to North Carolina landowners. Aside from the basic forest inventory necessary for a PUV plan, we can provide more detailed inventories determining the value of a stand or your entire tract, including back-dating stand values for tax basis purposes. We provide comprehensive timber sale management for land owners and can facilitate sustainable certification of their lands through Rainforest Alliance, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).

videography and photography

Helia can craft well-honed videos to enhance marketing, conservation, and other efforts. This now also includes the capacity for drone videography at reasonable rates. In addition, Helia can provide award-winning photography for projects, filling reports with clear, high quality visuals. The image shows donated photography to India’s National Parks.

reports and products

We can provide a wide variety of reports and products including Baseline Documentation Reports, Phase I ESA, Wetland Delineation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping products, natural resource and conservation values reports, ecological mapping and analysis, rare species reports, soil and erosion control plans, and a full suite of management plans.

facilitation and project management

Helia can facilitate complex management, stewardship, or other projects, especially projects involving local communities or different stakeholders. This photograph shows Shangri-la Institute’s National Seminar that Helia’s Lloyd Raleigh facilitated (photograph source, Shangri-la Institute).